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Renate Errey

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My art is inspired by techniques and images from extensive travel across Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas that are used to create highly textural, colourful and unique soft furnishings.

Rich designs are created using all kinds of forms from geometric shapes including lines, rectangles, squares and circles to more natural shapes and patterns. I use a carefully planned back-, mid- and foreground to construct a complete and balanced composition, using a wide range of colours, from glowing to cool.

Ancient embroidery techniques from Japan are reinterpreted in a modern way to transform my designs into rich textural  art works. The trapunto quilting is used in line work and filled shapes, complemented by pin tucks, contoured tucks, Rouleaux and embroidery yarn twisted into cording.  Free-hand machine embroidery, hand embroidery and bead work is often juxtaposed with these textile manipulation techniques.

The designs are digitized for machine embroidery with Bernina Embroidery Software and Bernina Cutwork Software is used for appliqué and cutwork using a Bernina 830. High quality silk and embroidery threads are used throughout my work, giving the textiles a luxurious feeling.

The composition, colours and manipulation techniques create a strong three dimensional effect culminating in a unique visual and tactile experience.

I know you’ll enjoy my exquisite textile artworks as much as I enjoy creating them for you.